The ChefInn serves homemade food every day! The ChefInn is our small and cozy restaurant in the middle of the Offroadcamp®. We attach great importance to avoiding leftovers and prepare each menu fresh if ordered in advance.

Our menu composition is absolutely well thought out.
We offer you and your palate a selection of Swedish classics and always make sure to sustainably process high-quality regional products.

Experience a culinary time at the ChefInn. In a rustic and particularly cozy atmosphere.
Smaklig måltid! (Swedish for “Enjoy your meal”).

Between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. we serve a delicious and extensive breakfast if ordered in advance.
Reindeer, moose and bear sausage are the special treats. We will serve you in the restaurant or directly at your camping pitch or in your accommodation.
Price per person 149 SEK

Our burgers are homemade and freshly prepared. We serve you every day from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m in our restaurant.
The double moose and reindeer burger weighs 250 grams and is plated on a sesame seed bun with fresh vegetables, salad and sauces.
The bear burger weigh 175 grams and serves in a brioche bun with Dijon mayonnaise sauce, with fried sweet potatoes and a spicy-sweet pointed cabbage salad.
We get the meat from a local butcher who has been supplying us with perfect products for years.
Price per moose or reindeer burger 245 SEK, bear burger 250 kr

At ChefInn you can also order ice cream from the traditional Swedish ice cream brand “Triumf Glass”, enjoy various drinks from local producers or be served a typical Swedish “Fika”, a small pastry with coffee/tea/cocoa.
Our classic is beer dough waffles with homemade blueberry jam.
You can find the selection of ice cream and drinks in our restaurant area on the menu board.

Flammed salmon is prepared twice a week in the Offroadcamp®. However, the weather conditions determine whether the event takes place.
We serve you local potatoes, bread and a lactose-free curd dip with the flamed salmon.
Preparation directly by the fire takes about 1 hour and is part of the event. While sitting around the fire we´ll explain to you how we prepare the salmon, season it and how you can tell whether it's cooked or still needs some time.
For us as organizers, at least eight people is needed, to enjoy the conviviality which is the best about every event.
Please let us know the day before whether you would like to take part. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee free space for inquiries made on the day of the event. Our ingredients need their lead time!
Price per person 349 SEK