Ride & Raft

More adventures in one day! At Ride and Raft, your experience in the Offroadcamp® begins with our SUPER73 e-motorbikes.

The absolutely stylish and cool electric café racers in the 70s style are incredibly special and just plain fun.
The powerful electric motor supports you when pedaling up to 25 km/h with absolutely no effort. Just cruise and enjoy.
We ride with you through a varied landscape, with great views on different surfaces and past picturesque spots.
Our destination is a rapid in the middle of the forest. Fantastically beautiful and, depending on the amount of water, a whitewater spot up to class 3.
Our packrafts are already waiting for their new captains here.
Packrafts are robust, lightweight inflatable boats for one person. Incredibly maneuverable and forgivable in the event of driving mistakes.
If you want to go swimming, you can manage that too!
But if you are on the right line, you remain the captain and master our whitewater section with fun and a wet face.
Before things get serious, there is a detailed safety briefing and the first basic paddling techniques that you will learn to master.
And then it's time to hit the right line and just experience your adventure.
We travel a whitewater section again and again so that different lines can be tried out and you become familiar with this section.
We will not do any water traveling down the river with the packrafts.
So there is the possibility to take breaks at any time or to stop when you have had fun.

Our packrafts are robust and designed for whitewater. The safety equipment is also specially selected for this adventure and is of high quality.
If necessary, we will provide you with suitable dry suits.
Each participant must wear sports shoes that can get wet during the rafting and on colder days we recommend long wool underwear.
An extra set of dry clothes to change into must be included in your adventure luggage.
We will bring your luggage to the rapids and you do not have to transport it on the e-bikes.
All equipment and all participants are transported back using our Offroadcamp® truck.

Between cruising and rafting we offer you a small snack and drinks, and during the paddling we prepare lunch for you over an open fire.

For our ride and raft offer, all participants must be at least 14 years old and be able to swim. A legal guardian must be present if minors are participating in the adventure.
All participants must be able to ride the e-bike with their body size and weight (maximum 145 kilograms). There is no option to adjust different saddle heights.
Each participant is obliged to act within the Swedish rules for e-bikes and behavior in nature.
Respect and attention to our guides is mandatory, as is proper handling of our equipment.

The adventure begins for you at 9 a.m. in the Offroadcamp® and the duration varies depending on the group size, weather and abilities of the participants.
The price per participant is 2500 SEK, at least 2 people must take part. The maximum number of participants is 4 people.
There is the option for an additional person to follow us to the rapids in the Offroadcamp® truck. The price for the co-pilot is 500 SEK including snacks and lunch.