Off-Road Backcountry Ride

We take you off the beaten track through our varied backcountry and show you exciting spots! Abandoned or historic buildings in the middle of nowhere, hidden waterfalls in the middle of the forest or a vintage car left behind decades ago that wants to be reclaimed by nature are ready to explore and are fascinating photo opportunities.

We reach our varied intermediate destinations via gravel roads, narrow forest paths and smaller technical off-road challenges for the 4x4 newcomer. And for one or two hidden destinations, short hikes are the way to get around.
The entire tour is designed for standard off-road vehicles; no previous knowledge of driving techniques is required. So join us on one of our gravel days in the Swedish wilderness. The 4x4 adventure for the Swedish overlander.

The tour duration can vary depending on the group size. The program is designed to last eight hours.

This offer is suitable for families and there are also enough driving breaks and short hikes for dogs.

Depending on the weather, we will take a hot dog break along the way, the Swedish classic. Every vehicle should still have enough snacks and drinks.

Each participant drives the entire tour at their own risk and is responsible for complying with the relevant rules and laws behind the wheel and in nature.
We also ask that you do not publish our intermediate destinations with coordinates on social media channels. This is the only way to ensure that our offer is preserved for you in the long term and that other travelers can experience what you experience.
You are welcome to use our hashtag #offroadcamp for your social media posts.

The tour price also varies depending on the number of vehicles participating:
one vehicle costs 4000 SEK, if more than one vehicle the tour price is reduced to 2200 SEK per vehicle regardless of the number of passengers.

Off-road driving law