White water or calm and romantic creeks are the territory for packrafts. Packrafts are single-person inflatable boats that are easy to paddle and sturdy. And the best thing is that our high-quality boats will forgive you any driving mistakes and won't let you swim so easily.

Anyone can go paddling with us as long as they can swim and are at least 14 years old.
We provide you with the appropriate and very high-quality protective equipment depending on the paddling area. Feeling safe is the first step to an exciting rafting adventure, no matter what conditions we encounter.
Depending on the amount of water, our selected whitewater spot can reach whitewater class 3, but each captain decides for himself how exciting it will be.
Important! We don't travel down a river with the packrafts, but stay in a spot that is used again and again. This way you can find out the best line and gradually avoid mistakes.

We're starting from scratch! And that means a detailed safety briefing is an absolute must and basic paddling and rescue techniques are the beginning of your rafting career.
Depending on your skills as paddling captains, we increase the challenges throughout the day, always with a focus on your fun and safety.
Each participant must bring soft sports shoes that can get wet. Dry extra clothing should be in your adventure luggage, appropriate for the weather conditions. In cold weather, long wool underwear is the best way to keep you warm. In case of rainy weather, bring a thin rain jacket with you
You'll get wet from all sides when packrafting, so that shouldn't bother you. We offer suitable dry suits for all participants.

Paddling takes energy. Enough breaks and small snacks are your source of energy.
With a hot dog lunch over an open fire you can enjoy the Swedish classic and relax for the next paddling session.

The meeting point is of course the Offroadcamp® and it usually starts at 9 a.m. Transport to the whitewater spot is provided by the participants' vehicles.

Price 1500 SEK/person, maximum 4 participants.
Duration of the activity: 4-6 hours including transport time.